Arthur Griffith Park Football Club


(1.1) The club shall be known as Arthur Griffith Park FC (referred to as AGP FC) and all officers of the Executive Committee, managers and players are deemed to be members of the club.

(1.2) The official address of the club shall be the current home address of the Club Founder, Allan O'Kearney.

(1.3) The objectives of the club shall be:

(i) To promote the game of soccer by the provision of facilities for boys and adults and to compete in recognised leagues as determined from time to time by the club.

(ii) To incorporate a constructive approach to the development of soccer and the encouragement of healthy competition in a training environment.

(iii) Coaching to be provided to players of all age groups and managers obliged to attend coaching clinics to improve their knowledge and teaching ability.

(iv) The club shall encourage the talents of players and promote skills development in a positive, disciplined and fair manner.

(2.0) The club shall appoint officers to the Executive Committee at the A.G.M. to run the affairs of the club for the following season.

(2.1) The Executive Committee shall consist of (Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Coaching, Fundraising Officer, Public Relations Officer and Equipment Coordinator).

(2.2) The function of the Chairperson shall be to chair all Executive meetings and general meetings of the club. In his/her absence the Hon. Sec shall take the chair. In the absence of both, the Chairperson sall be elected from those present.

(2.3) The Hon. Sec shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and AGM’s of the club.

(2.4) The Hon. Sec shall keep files of all correspondence to and from the club.

(2.5) The Hon. Treasurer shall receive and take charge of funds of the club, keep regular accounts on income and expenditure. Report on the same and on the balance sheet at the AGM, and shall be responsible for preparing and presenting the annual accounts of AGP FC.

(2.6) The Hon. Treasurer shall keep a record of all assets of the club.

(2.7) Club funds shall be lodged in the account of the club, with any of the associated Banks, except insofar as the Hon. Treasurer shall keep in his/her possession such monies that are deemed necessary for the day to day running of the club. Signing of cheques and or advances of monies, requires the authorisation of the Chairperson.

(2.8) The Hon. Sec shall keep records of all players registered with the club.

(2.9) The Chairperson shall be responsible for the day to day control of pitches and facilities of AGP FC. The Chairperson shall be responsible for any development plans for those pitches and facilities.

(2.10) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as are considered necessary and may delegate any of its powers to such sub-committee.

(2.11) The Executive Committee shall have power to dissolve any such sub-committee it has appointed.

(2.12) The Director of Coaching shall have responsibility for ensuring that plans are in place to improve the overall skill level of players and coaches. This can be done in a variety of ways including the provision of Manager training courses, player coaching courses, liaison with the FAI for facilities/support and liaison with the League as appropriate.

(2.13) The Fund-raising Officer shall have responsibility for setting up a sub-committee to gather the necessary funds, to carry out the development business of AGP FC, as directed by the Executive Committee.

(2.14) The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all teams are properly attired in their respective leagues; will have responsibility for ensuring that adequate stocks of spare equipment are kept and will liaise with the designated supplier of AGP FC.

(2.15) The Public Relations Officer and/or Chairperson shall have responsibility for dealing with the media and or any Public figures who have cause to be involved with AGP FC. Responsibilities will also include attendance at, or organisation of events which promote the club to the benefit of its members.

(2.16) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month (September to May).

(2.17) A quorum for meetings shall be one more than 50% of the standing Committee.

(2.18) The Executive Committee shall have the powers of co-option to fill vacancies which may occur and may invite and have present at its meetings such persons as it sees fit.

(2.19) All matters going before the Executive Committee and requiring a vote, shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.

(2.20) Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands, but any two members entitled to vote may request and be granted a secret ballot.

(2.21) The Executive Committee shall have power to replace any member failing in his/her duty.

(2.22) The Executive Committee shall be the official interpreter of the Constitution and have powers to deal with any matter not provided for the Constitution and Rules.

(3.0) Affiliation and Registration.

(3.1) Players must be registered to play for AGP FC and to the appropriate league before they play a competitive match.

(3.2) Subscriptions must be paid at time of registration and monies recorded by the Honorary Treasurer.

(3.3) All players must be registered through the Hon. Secretary.

(4.0) General Meeting

(4.1) The AGM shall take place between the close of the current season and the commencement of the new season.

(4.2) At least 14 days’ notice in writing shall be given of AGM’s.

(4.3) All senior players, managers, committee members and guests invited by the Executive Committee may attend the AGM.

(4.4) The agenda for the AGM shall be;

(i) Minutes of the previous AGM

(ii) Chairperson’s address

(iii) Secretary’s report

(iv) Treasurer’s report

(v) Adoption of Treasurer’s report

(vi) Proposed amendments to constitution and rules

(vii) Resigning of Executive Committee

(viii) Election of new Executive Committee

(ix)Any other business.

(4.5) Once elected each official is entitled to one vote. A club official is someone who manages a team or is a team member of the Executive Committee or any designated sub-committee.

(4.6) Changes or addition to the constitution and rules can only be made at the AGM or a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

(4.7) Adoption of proposed changes or additions to the constitution and rules require the approval of two thirds of those present and voting.

(5.0) Rules of the club

(5.1) The optimum squad size for 5-a side & 7-aside teams is 10 and 12 respectively.

(5.2) The optimum squad size for 9-a side & 11-aside teams is 16.

(5.3) All squad players are required to train each week and be available for selection in the weekend game, except where prior notice acceptable to the manager/coach is given. All players must attend training and will be available for selection. First selection of players will go to the First Team Manger. Any player not selected for the first team will be available for selection by the Reserve Team Managers. Any player who has an issue with any aspect of selection should submit the complaint to the Chairperson. It will be addressed at the next Coaching or Executive committee meeting.

(5.4) The maximum number of teams entered into competition shall be decided by the Executive Committee in advance of any new season. This number shall be dictated by current team levels and the available resources of the club in any given season.

(5.5) The annual subscription shall be determined by the Executive Committee in advance of any new season, and will be based on anticipated costs of running the club using the current season as a benchmark. The subscription charge should generate enough revenue to cover 100% of the day to day running costs of the club.

(5.6) All players cautioned or sent off must be reported to the club Secretary by the manger with a written explanation. All referee complaints must be noted and communicated in writing to the club Secretary. All player fines must be paid by the player themselves.

(5.7) Any player or Manager found to be in breach of any rules of AGP FC may be fined or disciplined by the Executive Committee. Monetary fines and or suspensions may be used in these instances.

(5.8) Any complaints about an individual player or club official must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for due deliberation and their decision will be final.

(5.9) Managers of each team have sole discretion in team selection. Anyone who has a problem with a particular aspect of team selection, must document the complaint in writing and submit it to any Executive Committee member for consideration at the next available Committee meeting.

(5.10) All club members must abide by the club constitution.

(6.0) General

Everybody including officials, players and parents will be expected to participate in fund raising events to enable the club to grow. For any club event, a club member must give prior notification of absence to a club official. In addition, senior players will be expected to help in marking pitches, setting up nets etc. for home games.