Accidents happen! Players collide into one another, ankles twist, heads bump together going for a ball… it’s part and parcel of playing sport. If we want the children and players in the club never to get injured, then we’d best not sign them up to any sports, because at some time or other a hamstring will be pulled, a wrist strained, a collarbone broken!

Occasionally serious injuries do occur, which is why the Club ensures that it has a back-up insurance policy in place in the event that the family of an injured player does not have VHI or other private health insurance in place.

The club insurances are designed to cover serious injuries only and have strict limits that can only be invoked after personal medical insurance (e.g. VHI or LAYA or AVIVA, where available) has been exhausted and the procedures detailed below are followed.

The Club is happy to facilitate situations when an insurance claim may be required arising out of an injury directly linked to playing soccer in the Club. Something we would ask families to bear in mind is that any claim on the policy may have an indirect effect on the overall Club’s renewal premium, and we would therefore ask that you ensure that you have exhausted all other insurance avenues first before submitting a claim on the Club’s policy (this is also a pre-condition of the insurer’s coverage). At the same time while exploring other insurance avenues, please ensure that the Accident Report Form is lodged with the Secretary in the relevant time limits.

Accident Report Form

The AGP FC accident report form can be requested from your club chairman.

What do I need to do to see if an accident will be covered by the Club’s insurance policy?

Complete the accident report form in full and pass to your Secretary or chairman within 30 days of the accident but preferably ASAP. Ensure that any treatment carried out can be certified by a doctor as being medically necessary.Retain all original receipts.Ensure that any existing private health insurance policy is exhausted first (VHI etc).

What insurance policies does the Club have?

AGP FC FC holds two separate insurance policies.

The first is called a “Public Liability” insurance policy.The second is called a “Personal Accident” insurance policy.

What is “Public Liability” Insurance?

Public Liability indemnifies the club against claims by members of the public visiting our grounds, club house and or other properties against accidental loss or injury. The key to avoiding such claims is the introduction and practice of good risk management and hazard reduction measures.

Does the Club have a “Personal Accident” Insurance Policy?

Yes it does.

Under the terms of the policy if all treatment must be certified in writing by a Doctor/GP as being medically necessary, including for Physiotherapy.

Time Limits for Notification of Accident to Secretary & Insurer

All notifications of an Accident giving rise to a potential claim on the Club’s Personal Accident insurance policy must be made to the Secretary, in writing, by completion of the club’s Accident Report Form by a responsible adult, which must be forwarded to the Club’s insurance broker within 30 (thirty) days of the date of the accident.

Effect of Failure to Notify Secretary in Writing of Accident & Impact on Coverage

Any notification made after the 30 days time-limit will require a written explanation from the Secretary or Chairman to the insurance broker explaining the delay. Failure to meet this deadline may result in Insurers refusing to provide an indemnity.

Any notification made more than 60 days from the date of the injury will render the potential claim null and void as being submitted too late.

Medical Expenses | Physiotherapy | Dental Expenses

Silver Cover

Death - €80000
Permanent Total Disablement - €80000
Temporary Total Disablement (TTD) – Up to €300 per week
Standard Excess Period for TTD claims – 4 weeks
Medical Expenses - €3500
Emergency Dental Treatment - €500
Policy Excess - €175

Child Cover and benefits:

Death - €10000
Permanent Total Disablement - €80000
Medical Expenses - €10000
Emergency Dental Treatment - €500
Policy Excess - €175

Insurance company

O'Driscoll O'Neil DAC
17 Herbert Place, Dublin 2
P: 01-6395874
F: 01-6344774